Megasystems Combustion Analysis Systems Ordered By Phillips

Phillips Petroleum Company of Bartlesville, Okla., as agents for Philtankers Inc. of Panama, recently ordered six model MS-2500 combustion analysis systems from Megasystems, Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla. and Cleveland, Ohio. These "top of the line" units feature free-standing console, magnetic cassette data storage, and large CRT display.

The magnetic tape data storage feature provides the operator with a means of recording either combustion waveforms or injection waveforms on the magnetic tape or on a graphic paper printout. This means that they can view the cylinder conditions at a later date. Tapes can be forwarded to the Phillips home office where they can be reviewed by the shoreside engineering staff. The MS-2500 units will be installed aboard the 53,000-dwt motor tankers Phillips Arkansas, Phillips Mexico, Phillips Oklahoma, Phillips Venezuela, World Freeport and World Texas. These ships were delivered in 1980, and represent all of the diesel-powered vessels in the Phillips fleet: For a free copy of literature on Megasystems MS-2500 combustion analysis systems,

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