Rockwell-Collins Awarded Contract To Supply Data Links For Spanish Navy

A $700,000 contract to supply five Data Automatic Link 11 sets to the Spanish Navy has been awarded to Rockwell International Corporation's Collins Defense Communications (CDC). Under the 14-month agreement, five Spanish Navy Baleares Class frigates will be modernized with CDC's latest Technical Data System Link 11 equipment, including the TE-237P-1A programmable data terminal set that carries the U.S. nomenclature AN/ USQ-92, and the 373E-2 Data Terminal Set Control (C-11494/U).

Both units are state-of-the-art communications microprogrammable processor technology, and are NATO-compatible, having previously been deployed by five other NATO navies.

Link 11 is a long-range, digital data communications network connecting widely spaced elements of a task force. It provides technical data exchange among surface vessels, shore stations, and aircraft. This exchange of data provides a wider range of surveillance, and multiple reporting of radar tracks in fringe areas, for the command and control of weapons systems, air intercept, and air defense.

For free literature containing complete details on CDC's Link 11 equipment, C i r c l e 9 1 o n R e a d e r S e r v i c e C a rd

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