New Marine Technology Set for Debut at Amsterdam Exhibition EURO PORT 2003

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Europort 2003, one of the marine industry's premier trade exhibitions, is set again for the Amsterdam RAI from November 18 — 22, 2003. This 31st Europort exhibition will feature more than 530 exhibitors representing more than 750 suppliers. This is the 31st edition of Europort, and the exhibition traditionally provides a broad overview of products and services for professionals who work in the sea shipping, inland navigation, offshore, dredging and ports sectors.

Europort 2003 will be backed by various conferences and annual meetings, including the MARE FORUM 2003 on November 17 — 18 in Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam.

"The total of 14 national pavilions shows that more and more countries, including China on this occasion, regard participation in Europort as a very important way of raising their profile in the international maritime sector," says Farouk Nefzi, the Europort product manager. Countries submitting national entries for the first time are China, Cyprus, Finland and Romania. Those countries, which will be present again with a national pavilion. are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Poland. Russia, South Korea and the United States. The Dutch exhibitors too will once again mount a collective entry under the aegis of Holland Marine Equipment (HME).

Innovation on Display Europort attaches great importance to innovation, demonstrated by the dozens of new products presented by exhibitors for the first time. One crowd pleaser will undoubtedly be the demonstration of a vessel that uses air to reduce the water resistance of the hull.

Using a large model of a ship the Maritime Research Institute (MARIN) of Wageningen and the Netherlands' Shipbuilding Industry Association VNSI will demonstrate how this new, fuel saving technology works. This revolutionary advance in shipbuilding has already been developed so far that shipbuilders expect it to yield major benefits in the future.

MARE FORUM The theme of the official Europort conference, which will be held in Hotel Krasnapolsky on November 17 — 18 will be: 'Restoring Trust in the Triangular Relationship Between Shipowners — Regulators — Charterers / Shippers / Cargo Owners, and its Effect on Quality in Shipping Today.' To restore this trust the conference aims to develop concepts that can lead to 'A fair price for good shipping service,' 'A balanced deal between contracting parties,' and 'A reasonable recognition of a quality shipping operation.' The CEDA Dredging Days is a two-day conference (November 20-21) intended for professionals from the dredging industry. This year's topics are 'Specialist dredging techniques' and 'Inspiring dredging solutions.' More information about the conferences and how to register for them can be found at Exhibitors and visitors alike can obtain more information about the forthcoming exhibition at Europort 2003's website

Europort 2003 will be held from November 18 to 22, 2003. The opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on the Thursday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Saturday.

Company Caldic Techniek B.V.

Booth 06.6006 Product Multi-Line 2 generator control systems. This series consists of a product range that is very easy to assemble and fit, and combines all possible functions, such as synchronization, power control, extensive generator safeguards, read-out and transducer signals.

New possibilities for use as a standalone generator unit or exlargement to form a complete Power Management System with external controls (p.I.e., etc.). Direct drive of diesel engines, e.g. by means of PWM signals and direct bus connectors. Engine control, start/stop functions and safeguards (engine safeguards are not marine-certified), which provide much scope for automation. Company Icon Research Ltd.

Booth 04.4062 Product Doctor on-line diesel engine performance and condition monitor. Combines the Doctor technology with state-of-the-art Ethernet data capture. The Doctor analysis software from the portable range of analyzers provides full analysis capabilities. The Ethernet based network monitors cylinder pressures, scavenge pressure and optionally, fuel pressures.

Company Imtech Marine & Offshore Booth 01.1031 Product New integrated bridge, advanced design with touchscreen control. Integrated bridge for low-end purposes. Maintenance solutions via worldwide network. Exhibiting other Imtech companies offering fully integrated solutions (like Imtech Access Technology, Imtech Telecom, etc.). Epropulsion technology with water chilled drives.

Company Machine Support B.V.

Booth 01.1168 Product Vibracon SM Low Profile elements are permanent, strong and reusable equipment mounting chocks that are easily and accurately adjusted. The Low Profile elements are the economic solution for repair projects or fixed design systems where expensive milled chocks, shims or epoxy resins were inserted. Creates the ideal mounting plane for critically aligned machinery in those applications where the original Vibracon SM is too tall.

Company NewThex B.V.

Booth 01.1024 Product NewThex lifting appliance. A very complex elevator system special designed for the new Airbus A380 xx . It includes special hydraulics and electronic controls and sophisticated engineering by using a.o. FEM. The platforms are approx. 220 sq. m. and can lift 220 tons. The platforms will be installed on two ships that are built at the Shipyard De Hoop in Heusden. The ships will be used in order to transport parts of the new Airbus 380 xx from Bordeaux over the river Gironde to the factory in Tolouse. Weight; height and narrow space gives that the design of the platform is complex.

Company Tresco Engineering Booth 01.1050 Product Inland ECDIS pilot GPS chart system for inland waterways vessels, with new electronic navigation charts in S-57 format. These digital charts can be used 'course-up' or 'northup

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