Phyllis Gresser Sponsors Two Utility Boats Built For Marine Services Ltd. Of Brunei

phyllis gresser sponsors two utility boats
built for marine services ltd of brunei

The last two of four 27-meter standby vessels constructed for Marine Services Limited, Brunei, were launched recently at Kanrei Shipbuilding Company Limited, Tokushima, Japan. The two vessels were named Marine Murut and Marine Kayan by their sponsor, Mrs. Phyllis Gresser, wife of Phillip Gresser, director of Marine Services Ltd., Kuala Belait, State of Brunei. The Kayans and the Muruts are tribes of Borneo, where the vessels are scheduled to operate.

Marine Services Limited is a joint holding of Pan Electric Industries, Phillip Gresser and Russ Larkin. It owns and operates landing craft, tugs and standby boats which service the offshore oil industry.

The principal speaker for the launching ceremonies, Phillip Gresser, expressed his company's satisfaction with the quality of the shipyard's construction, and noted that these vessels were the first to be designed specifically for the restrictions which operating in Brunei waters require. Specifically, the vessels are required by terms of their charters to maintain a speed of 11 knots in 1-meter waves at a draft of 1.8 meters with fuel, water and provisions onboard while carrying 100 passengers. The vessels were designed by Conaan Wu & Associates, Naval Architects of Singapore, and Mr. Gresser was pleased to note that the vessels completely met or exceeded design predictions.

The Marine Murut and the Marine Kayan have a length overall of 27 meters (88.59 feet), a length at the waterline of 26 meters (85.31 feet), a molded beam of 7.4 meters (24.28 feet), molded depth of 2.6 meters (8.53 feet) and designed draft of 1.8 meters (5.91 feet). The vessels carry a normal complement of eight crew and 12 sleeping passengers, with provision to carry an additional 100 passengers to meet emergency situations. The vessels were built to Bureau Veritas, + Service Cotier (Coastal Service) Classification.

The vessels are propelled by twin Caterpillar D-343 marine diesel engines operating at a rated speed of 1,800 rpm. Each engine is rated at 365 bhp. The propellers are driven through 3.5:1 reduction gears. Two Yanmar 45-kva alternators are fitted in the vessels' engine room, along with other auxiliary equipment. The vessels' anchor windlass and all forward and after capstans are hydraulically operated by pumps located in the engine room, driven by the main engines through stub shafts and belts. The main engines are hydraulically controlled from both the bridge and after station.

The vessels are fitted with radar, singlesideband and YHF radio.

The Marine Murut and the Marine Kayan, along with their sisterships Marine Dayak and Marine Iban, proceeded from the shipyard at Japan to Kuala Belait, Brunei, under their own power, where they went on longterm time charter to Brunei Shell Petroleum Company to act as standby/utility boats at offshore oil rigs and platforms.

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